Massage Therapy

Private suite available a half hour previous to your massage for an additional $25.

This massage is a light pampering massage that is geared towards overall relaxation.
55 min for $80
85 min for $100

This is a combination of both Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques applied with medium to deep pressure. This allows for a more customized massage.
55 min for $90
85 min for $110

This is for those who like a deeper pressure or may have more chronic issues that need to be addressed. This is not considered a relaxation massage but an active massage.
55 min for $100
85 min for $120

An indulgent massage combined with heated basalt stones infused with aromatic oils. The warmth of the stones will radiate deep into your muscles for muscle-melting bliss!
55 min for $95
85 min for $120

Focusing on one area, this shorter session will allow our therapists to concentrate on your specific concern.
25 min for $55

Tailored cushions and a soft, gentle touch combine to bring about relaxation for the Mother-To-Be! A special treat, will ease back pain as well as swollen hands and feet.

Please note: This service is intended for after the first trimester only.

25 min for $55
55 min for $80

You and that special someone, two therapists, one great experience!

Price varies depending on what type of massage. Please Contact Us for a quote!

Ashiastu Bar Therapy is a deep tissue massage give by a skilled therapist with their feet. Using overhead parallel bars for balance and support. The massage therapist stands on the table, and uses foot pressure to stretch shortened muscle, relieve discomfort, and restore posture. This technique delivers deep compressive force in a gentle way to relax the body and mind. It also stimulates blood and lymph flow throughout the body.


55 Minute Session is $100

85 Minute Session is $120