Facial Enhancements

With make-up application – $20

Darken Lashes to create a more noticeable look. – $22

Create a frame for the eyes, and replace the use of powders and pencils. – $15

Combining lash tint, brow shaping, and brow tint to create a clean and natural look! – $55

Eye lash perming creates a wide open and less tired appearance. It also creates the illusion of more lashes while lasting about 60 days. – $95

Delivering Oxygen to the eye area creates instant brightening results! Reduces puffiness, lines, and signs of fatigue. – $50

Learn the simple techniques of applying makeup with one of our Professional Makeup Artists. Service starting at $90.

Let our artists create the perfect look for that special event. 30 Minute reservation starting at $70.