Body Treatments

All of our Signature Body Treatments begin with a body brushing which will allow the restorative properties of our supreme essential oils, salts, and mud to be absorbed more readily with the skin. You will be cocooned in warm blankets, surrounded by soothing music and flickering candlelight. Indulge in a relaxing facial massage to complete the experience. 

Each of our heavenly body wraps are $90.

Increases circulation, draws impurities from the body.

Rich in minerals, cleanses, tightens, and invigorates.

Iron rich, detoxifies the body without dehydrating.

Complete body exfoliation with raw sugar and essential oil from Babassu Palm. Naturally gentle, yet effective.

This treatment rids the body of toxins. Combats stress, cellulite, pain and fatigue. Salts blended with aromatic essential oils exfoliate the body, while steam treatment increases circulation, bringing about a state of deep relaxation.

An ancient Ayurvedic healing process practice used in India for over 2000 years. Warmed oils falls on the Sixth Chakra, which aids in balancing the central nervous system. A facial and neck massage will bring you to a state of peace and instill overall calm. – $60
Can be added onto any body treatment for $150 total treatment.