Healing Center

Healing Center

Ashiastu Bar Therapy is a deep tissue massage give by a skilled therapist with their feet. Using overhead parallel bars for balance and support. The massage therapist stands on the table, and uses foot pressure to stretch shortened muscle, relieve discomfort, and restore posture. This technique delivers deep compressive force in a gentle way to relax the body and mind. It also stimulates blood and lymph flow throughout the body.

55 Minute Session is $100

85 Minute Session is $120

Oracle Card Reading: Something on your mind? Looking for your next best action step in a particular situation? Oracle Cards are a tool to help us connect with our innate wisdom, and living within an intention for everyone’s highest good. 

Guided Relaxation: An individualized meditation experience that combines breath work, relaxation techniques, and guided imagery. Allow our voice to soothe your nervous system as we guide you into a peaceful and relaxed state of being. No prior meditation experience necessary.

25 Minute Guided Relaxation: $50

55 Minute Guided Relaxation $80

85 Minute Guided Relaxation $115

Also known as “Universal Life Force Energy,” Reiki is a gentle approach to working with the body’s own capacity for well-being, peace and harmony. Unconditional love and the universal life force energy flow through the practitioner to be received by the client, allowing it to flow wherever it is needed in the body, potentially releasing stuck energy that is affecting the body, mind and spiritual self negatively. Options for light “hands on” or “hands off:” experience. 

25 Minute Reiki $50

55 Minute Reiki $80

85 Minute Reiki $115

Abenkai Heart Practices Shamanism: A shaman is a person regarded as  having access to, and influence in, the world of good and negative energies. Typically, such people enter a trance state during a wellness session, and the practice of balancing the client’s energy. Leaving the client to feel peaceful and harmonious. 

25 Minutes $60

55 Minutes $95

85 Minutes $115

The readings are very personal as to what the client may be going through in their daily lives at the time of their Session. A reading can be added on the Shamanic Healing Session or booked seperately. 

25 Minute Reading: $60

55 Minute Reading: $95

Tuning Forks: By using Tuning Forks, we can discover life circumstances that are holding the client back from being the best and healthiest version of themselves. Interpreting the sound and vibration of the Tuning Forks we pick up on those stagnant energy blockages. Using the forks releases the blockages that oftentimes cause pain or illness. These can be released from the vibration of the forks and lifestyle changes. 

Crystals may also be used for a more amplified experience. 

Intuitive Readings: with Essential Oils: A custom blend of “Emotional Release Formula” can be created by us for the Client. Offering Clients an opportunity to reverse these emotional weights to let their light shine!

25 Minutes $60

55 Minutes $95

85 Minutes $115

Try our all new Himalayan Salt Sauna! Himalayan Salt are known for their detoxification benefits and we now offer them at Adagio! Please contact us for pricing and any questions.

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